Sending your pets by Air

Please book with a pet travel agent first!

We suggest getting a quote from All Care Pets (08 9454 5736).

A pet travel agency will provide crates, a flight plan and drop off times. Any more information you need prior to the day or even on the day, please call your Pet travel agency you booked through. There are many to chose from!


Broome Air Freight, at the Airport Freight facility is where you drop your animals and pets off. Please be sure to have your animal check list, minimal bedding and NO food or toys. We will be there to meet you two hours before standard time aircraft departure.

You must be at the airport 120 MINUTES (2 Hours) prior to the aircraft departure time IF YOUR PET IS TRAVELLING.

Check in for our pets CLOSES AT 90 MINUTES prior to the aircraft departing. So be at our facility 120 minutes prior to departure time.

If you are traveling on the same aircraft as your beloved pet, please make sure you have a backup plan for collection if animals are not loaded. This is always a possibility with airfreight but it is very unlikely. Animal check-in CLOSES AT 90 MINUTES prior to the aircraft departing.

If your pet is travelling WITH YOU, you need to check BOTH OF YOU AT THE AIRPORT.